[lug] Wide Ultra2 SCSI LVD/SE card for Linux

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Thu Sep 7 22:44:48 MDT 2000

The latest kernels support the Adaptec 789x chipset really
well. These do Ultra 160 (including LVD). I've got a rack
full of servers with these puppies in 'em with not a single
failure in about 6 months of use.

I think the Adaptec 19160 is the model... they are around
$160 at DirtCheapDrives.

Alan Robertson wrote:
> Hi,
> I just ordered one of the Ecrix tape drives in Wide Ultra2 LVD.
> What SCSI card would the experts on this esteemed list recommend that I buy
> to run it with?
>         Thanks!
>         -- Alan Robertson
>            alanr at suse.com
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Rob Riggs

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