[lug] Coldfusion & Linux

Kyle Moore kmoore at trustamerica.com
Fri Sep 8 08:53:17 MDT 2000

The main reason is I'm not making this decision. We sort of fell into
ColdFusion. Last year one of our companies needed an auction site and
they needed it ASAP. We were charged with getting one developed and into
production in a month. My boss found a package that was pretty cheap so
we bought that and then modified the hell out of it and fixed some bugs.
That was the first I had messed with ColdFusion. Now the company wants
to use it for everything. 

If I was at a different company I might use something else. The other
stuff with ColdFusion has been on NT with MS SQL Server. At least I'm
getting Linux into the mix. I would prefer to keep writing perl cgi
scripts or learn something else that I find interesting....but I don't
get to make all the decisions.

Anyone hiring a sysadmin(HP-UX, Linux and reluctantly NT) with good
knowledge of security, web, scripting, project management? My resume
lists much more...LOL

Rob Riggs wrote:
> But... why ColdFusion??? I find it a particularly
> repugnant web application development environment. Zope


Kyle Moore

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