[lug] Re: Wide Ultra2 SCSI LVD/SE card for Linux

Ferdinand P. Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Fri Sep 8 10:26:05 MDT 2000

I had very good luck with the ADAPTEC 29160 ULTRA160 PCI card.  It can handle
Ultra Wide and Ultra2Wide (LVD = low voltage differential) and the latest 160
MB/s devices at the same time.  I am running our e-mail / www server with this
card and a 10 kRPM IBM disk and am quite impressed.  We virus scan every message
that goes through this system, which makes for quite a lot of work at times and
it performed very well to date.  This system also runs some java servlets at the
same time as qmail - McAfee Virus scanning, and we have about 50 users rooting
through their 200 MB e-mail directories on this same server.  (an in-house built
AMD Athlon750 with AsusK7V board and 512 MB of RAM  -  running RH 6.2 with

By the way - I had 3 virus laden messages from lug intercepted by this machine -
we must have some windows users on this list (including my workstation at work).

I also run an Adaptec AHA 2940 U2W card in our main file server without any
problems.  Similar deal - it hosts LVD (80 MB/s) devices and Ultra Wide devices
(40 MB/s) and slower on two internal bus connections.  This server has 7 disks
connected to it and has been in operation since 1998.  This particular SCSI card
was added as an upgrade early this year.  No downtime so far - excellent
performance (160 GB and 40+ users via SAMBA).

I have learned to avoid "cheap deals" and rather than paying money for CPU clock
speed I tend to spend it on good disks and adapter equipment, and on memory.  I
only build about 30 computers per year and most of them are workstations.  So I
don't have tons of experience - but none of my about 10 Adaptec SCSI controllers
that I currently have in service have given me any grief yet.  Linux seems to
always support them well.  My HP DDS4 dat drives and one DDS4 library work fine
with those cards.  I get between 150 MB/s and 400 MB/s throughput.

Hope this helps,

Alan Robertson wrote:

> Alan Robertson wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just ordered one of the Ecrix tape drives in Wide Ultra2 LVD.
> >
> > What SCSI card would the experts on this esteemed list recommend that I buy
> > to run it with?
> OK...
> Does anyone have *any* card to suggest for Wide Ultra2 LVD SCSI?
>         Thanks!
>         -- Alan Robertson
>            alanr at suse.com
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