[lug] .doc to .txt on Linux

Rob Riggs rriggs at doubleclick.net
Fri Sep 8 12:07:27 MDT 2000

<sigh> Open up a browser... point it to http://www.google.com/
and type in the word 'mswordview' in the simple form that
appears. Press enter.

In other words, STFN.

(Sorry for the mild flammage, but that was a silly question.)

As far as the tags go... why do you care? Lynx will strip
them out for you.

John Starkey wrote:
> > There is a really cool utility called 'mswordview' (a stock
> > package in KRUD, btw) that converts Word docs to HTML, which
> > can be viewed or dumped as text using lynx.
> Word throws in huge amounts of uneeded tags when converting to HTML. Is
> this gonna do the same??
> Any idea where I can find it??
> John
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