[lug] ssh help needed

Michael J. Pedersen marvin at keepthetouch.org
Mon Oct 2 13:06:34 MDT 2000

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 02:25:25PM -0500, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> I just tried to update my ssh keys on both my local and a remote system
> and now I can't login without having to give my RSA key.  I'm running
> OpenSSH 2.2.0p1.  I've generated the keys into .ssh/identity and
> .ssh/identity.pub and uploaded the new .pub file to .ssh/authorized_keys on
> the remote system.  At this point, shouldn't an ssh login get me into the
> remote system without having to be prompted for my RSA key?  Have I left
> out a step?  The local identity file is rw for my user only and the remote
> authorized_keys files has permissions of 644.

I've often found that the most informative answers come from using a couple of
-v options on the command line. For instance:

ssh -X -C -v -v -v marvin at heartofgold

Will give lots of debugging output, and help you to find the exact issue.
However, feel free to ask of me (or this list) what's happening. I would ask
only that you grab that output from that command up to the point of it asking
for your key, so we can help out more easily.

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