[lug] ssh help needed

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Mon Oct 2 14:20:01 MDT 2000

Thus spoke Sean Reifschneider
> Are you talking about your RSA passphrase?
> 	[2] guin:jafo$ ssh dev
> 	Enter passphrase for RSA key 'jafo at myromanw.tummy.com': 
> Your pass-phrase encrypts your RSA key.  Your RSA key itself is a big,
> honking number -- I doubt you're being required to enter that...
> Anyway, the deal is that you can do one of two things:
> 	Generate a new RSA key, but this time when it asks you for your
> 	passphrase just hit <enter>.

Ok, that was it.  If you want to log in like with the old rsh/rlogin or if
you want to use ssh tunneling unattended, you *don't* use a passphrase. 
But this isn't as secure as it could be ....

> To try the latter try either:
> 	ssh-agent bash
> 	ssh-add
> or if you're running X:
> 	ssh-agent startx
> 	ssh-add (from an X terminal).

This will probably work better, though I have to exit this session to try
it.  In either case, one or the other will work for me.  

Thanks Sean.
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