[lug] linux network

ljp ljp at llornkcor.com
Mon Oct 2 16:00:44 MDT 2000

> Any good books you can recommend?

I just bought a couple networking books-

Networking Complete- Sybex Publishing
$20. Written in easy to understand english. More Windows networking than I'd
care for, but hey. Its a great deal for 20 bucks.

Linux Network Servers- Network Press, by Craig Hunt.
Lots of network stuff, specific to linux. Has basic install instructions.
Focus' on Red Hat, and Debian. But also has a few things about Slackware.
Good info on networking stuff, goes in security issues as well.

When I was in the store looking for these, I noticed more than it's fair
share of Windows networking books, and they wouldn't always mention that on
the cover.


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