[lug] A bit confused

Todd Ruskell truskell at Mines.EDU
Mon Oct 2 17:42:36 MDT 2000

Given the age of your system, the io and irq are probably set by dip
switches on the control card (pre-pnp) for this proprietary drive.  You'll
have to pull out the card and see if you can decipher the dip switch
If the card is set up for pnp, you may be able to disable this with one of
the jumpers, and set theaddress and irq manually.


Howard Smith wrote:

> I am attempting to put Suse linux  on my old 486 (AST with an overdrive
> chip). The CD-ROM, an old one, a Matsushita/Panasonicis giving me
> problems.
> When I install the module from the floppy, it asks for a specific set of
> parameters. "sbpcd=0x230,1" is the example given.
>     Now the question, what are these specifically ? I tried the IO port
> and IRQ # in combinations to no luck. where can I find out what they
> are, just point me in the right direction and I can figure it out...
>                                                 thanks, howie smith
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