[lug] A bit confused

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Mon Oct 2 17:09:48 MDT 2000

Todd Ruskell wrote:
> Given the age of your system, the io and irq are probably set by dip
> switches on the control card (pre-pnp) for this proprietary drive.  You'll
> have to pull out the card and see if you can decipher the dip switch
> setting.
> If the card is set up for pnp, you may be able to disable this with one of
> the jumpers, and set theaddress and irq manually.

There are actually 2 varieties of these cards, one is pci, the other
isa. The isa sometimes uses jumpers, other times I believe there is isa
pnp. The pci uses normal pci configuration. I would be that the default
base address is maintained, but the irq will be what is different,
unless somebody has messed with settings before. I would try 0x230 with
irq's 3,5,7, one at a time. But if it does use jumpers it'll be hard to
figure anything out without documentation. One question would have to
be, is this pci or isa? I have one of each at home (only 1 is installed

> Todd
> Howard Smith wrote:
> > I am attempting to put Suse linux  on my old 486 (AST with an overdrive
> > chip). The CD-ROM, an old one, a Matsushita/Panasonicis giving me
> > problems.
> >
> > When I install the module from the floppy, it asks for a specific set of
> > parameters. "sbpcd=0x230,1" is the example given.
> >
> >     Now the question, what are these specifically ? I tried the IO port
> > and IRQ # in combinations to no luck. where can I find out what they
> > are, just point me in the right direction and I can figure it out...
> >
> >                                                 thanks, howie smith
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