[lug] Two DSL parallel - can of worms?

Deva Samartha YTAFTDJAHCWS at spammotel.com
Mon Oct 2 19:01:46 MDT 2000

I have the possibility of  hooking up two DSL lines to a firewall box with 
the intention to increase bandwidth.  But searching for load balancing, I 
come up mainly with load balancing in connection with web server load 
distribution, references to NAT or CPU load distribution.

EQL explicitly mentions that it is only for serial lines, not for NIC's.

Would that not be a routing/NAT issue - a piece of software sitting in the 
firewall machine, having it's own ( virtual) IP  and measuring the load on 
every DSL eth device, then with some smartness deciding which traffic goes 
into ( and comes from) which pipe?

If it exists, does somebody know about such an animal?

Somewhat clueless,


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