Subject: Re: [lug] FTP server question

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Oct 2 22:30:43 MDT 2000

>>>>> "Whit" == Whit Morrison <wmorriso at> writes:

Whit> I have a friend that is setting up RH 6.2.  Everything is going
Whit> fine except when he tries to ftp into the linux box, the linux
Whit> box identifies itself but does not give a login prompt.  He has
Whit> reloaded many times trying to get it to work.  The interesting
Whit> thing is, he was able to ftp in when he did the initial load on
Whit> the system.  That was before he did a reload.  Since then it has
Whit> not worked.

It sounds like it could be a DNS resolving issue. Has he tried waiting
30-60 seconds to see if a prompt comes up? 

If it does, check your DNS settings... /etc/resolv.conf and the like. 

as a side note, you should tell your friend that linux is a great deal
more deterministic than windows. Reloading the OS when something
doesn't work is unlikely to fix it. In most cases you can fix the
problem and not even have to reboot...

Whit> I have loaded many linux boxes and have never had this
Whit> experience.  Any help will be appreciated.

Whit> Thanks Whit


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