[lug] FTP server question

Brian Moore bmoore at digitalglobe.com
Tue Oct 3 10:18:51 MDT 2000

The problem is likely the FTP server attempting to check the ident
server (RFC931) on the remote side.  The ident protocol gets the
username associated with the socket attempting to make the 

This is on by default in wu-ftpd.  If the host you're originating 
the ftp connection from doesn't run an ident server, or if the protocol
is blocked by a firewall, the ftp server will wait for approximately
10 seconds before giving you a login prompt.


"Scott A. Herod" wrote:
> I've got the same problem.  If you watch /var/log/messages you will
> see that the ftp connection is accepted but it takes me about 3 min.
> to get a prompt.  I'm pretty sure it is a network problem and not
> something flaky that reloading will fix.
> My machines live on an isolated network and I only have a valid
> connection to the world at large when I run PPP.  Another suggestion
> that I've heard is that I don't have a gateway specified correctly.
> I've not tried real hard to figure out what is wrong yet.
> Scott
> Whit Morrison wrote:
> >
> > I have a friend that is setting up RH 6.2.  Everything is going fine
> > except when he tries to ftp into the linux box, the linux box identifies
> > itself but does not give a login prompt.  He has reloaded many times
> > trying to get it to work.  The interesting thing is, he was able to ftp
> > in when he did the initial load on the system.  That was before he did a
> > reload.  Since then it has not worked.
> >
> > I have loaded many linux boxes and have never had this experience.  Any
> > help will be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Whit
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