[lug] Moving Users to New Server?

Kyle Moore kmoore at trustamerica.com
Tue Oct 3 14:56:08 MDT 2000

I didn't include a step that might make reading it a little confusing.
After the focused backup was done on the server on Friday night, the
restore of that data was started on the new server. So basically the
restore of data on the new server was happening while the normal full
backup was running on the old server.

Kyle Moore wrote:
> Friday night I got everyone off of the system early, shut down cron and
> did a backup of just the data that wasn't already on the system as well
> as any configuration files that might have changed. After that backup
> was done, our operators ran the normal full backup. Saturday morning,
> both backups kept onsite, I switched IPs and hostname on the old server
> and shut it down but didn't bring it back up. Then I switched the IPs


Kyle Moore

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