[lug] linux network

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Oct 3 16:45:13 MDT 2000

I have a machine that acts like this.  It's a problem with the BIOS not
resetting my SMC Ultra card properly on warm-boot.  Then the SMC module
doesn't load into the kernel at boot time.

Do a 'dmesg' (probably pipe it to less/more) and see if your card's
kernel module is coming up appropriately and that eth0 is actually there
when it's acting up with an 'ifconfig'.

If I cold-boot that machine instead of rebooting, it works 99% of the


ljp wrote:
> Well, I hope the posts are made to the list, cause I would be interested
> also. I am having odd network behavior, Sometimes, on reboot, it can't find
> the internet, and others, it does fine. Sometimes it happens when I dont
> have a computer on the network. I dont think it should be that finicky.
> LP
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