[lug] Anyone with Red Hat v 7.0?

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Oct 3 17:02:32 MDT 2000


Don't upgrade a perfectly good 6.2 machine to 7.0 just yet if that's
your plan.  7.0 messed up a ton of things on my play server at work, and
I won't let it anywhere NEAR my production boxes for a long time to
come, it would appear...

6.9.5 (Pinstripe) was a heck of a lot better than 7.0 (Guinness)... I
think the release manager must have had a little too much of the sudsy
brown stuff before signing off on it.

Errata should be coming soon, I suppose, but RedHat's mirrors are just
logjammed everywhere.  We got our ISO from Sweden, which is a no-no, I'm
sure... it was a faster download than any public RedHat mirror I could
find in the U.S.


Does anyone know if RedHat does "push" mirroring to anyone like Debian
does to their top-tier mirrors with rsync?

Anyone else notice that the default kernel on 7.0 seems to not support
FAT filesystems properly?  I didn't run into it myself, but a couple
different people have complained about it to me.  Not good for
installing on a dual-boot NT and RedHat system that has NT on FAT and
not NTFS.  (Try dd'ing the LILO bootloader files to the FAT partition to
be able to use the NT Bootloader!)

Also, I've been having interesting console messages from the upgraded RH
7.0 server at work.  Kernel messages about I/O errors to the floppy
drive when the floppy isn't mounted and hasn't been since boot.  And no,
no automount daemon...

They just made some REALLY strange choices about what to support and not
to support in 7.0.

Also, what's everyone else think about them dropping the Sparc version
of the distro?  I have a Sparc Ultra V with RH 6.2 on it that just lost
it's upgrade path.  Time to switch to Debian on that machine?  :)

Other annoyances... the change of compiler stuff to require kgcc for
compiling kernels... there's more.  What a mess.

So many people equate "RedHat" with Linux, it's disgraceful for them to
release 7.0 the way it is.

Are my standards too high?  I expect more out of the commercial folks,
and I think Debian still just wallops all of them in terms of quality
almost 9 times out of 10.  Debian's installer is gross, but at least it
works (unlike the lovely Python tracebacks given by RedHat installer on
6.1 when it didn't like things).


Sue Greer wrote:
> Hi, all
> I'm looking for someone who has the CD's for RedHat V. 7.0, at the Dept
> of Commerce site, either the old building or the new one.  I'd like to
> borrow the discs and make a copy.
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