[lug] Re: using junkbuster with Netscape

matthew.w.mcillece at lmco.com matthew.w.mcillece at lmco.com
Tue Oct 3 17:41:21 MDT 2000

> From: "Michael J. Pedersen" <marvin at keepthetouch.org>

> Silly question, but needs to be asked: Did you alter junkbuster's default
> port? Every time I've used it, it was on port 5865...

5865?  I guess I can try that, but the junkbuster FAQ at
http://junkbuster.com/ijbfaq.html#address ("What is the proxy address of the
Internet Junkbuster?") says the default port is 8000 and I didn't change it
(perhaps KRUD does?):

"If you set up the Internet Junkbuster to run on the computer you browse
from (rather than your ISP's server or some networked computer at work), the
proxy will be on localhost (which is the special name used by every computer
on the Internet to refer to itself) and the port will be 8000 (unless you
have told the Internet Junkbuster to run on a different port with the
listen-address option). So you when configuring your browser's proxy
settings you typically enter the word localhost in the two boxes next to
HTTP and Secure, and the number 8000 in the two boxes labeled to the right
of those boxes. The Internet Junkbuster does not currently handle other
protocols such as Gopher, FTP, or WAIS, so leave those setting unchanged.
Nor does it handle ICQ or Instant Messenger services."

"If your ISP or company is running the Internet Junkbuster for you, they
will tell you the address to use. It will be the name of the computer it's
running on (or possibly its numeric IP address), plus a port number. Port
8000 is the default, so assume this number if it is not specified.
Sometimes a colon is used to glue them together, as in
junkbuster.fictitious-pro-privacy-isp.net:8000 but with most browsers you do
not type the colon, you enter the address and port number in separate

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