[lug] linux network

llornkcor llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Tue Oct 3 17:57:39 MDT 2000

On Tue, 03 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> I have a machine that acts like this.  It's a problem with the
> BIOS not resetting my SMC Ultra card properly on warm-boot. 
> Then the SMC module doesn't load into the kernel at boot time.
> Do a 'dmesg' (probably pipe it to less/more) and see if your
> card's kernel module is coming up appropriately and that eth0 is
> actually there when it's acting up with an 'ifconfig'.
> If I cold-boot that machine instead of rebooting, it works 99%
> of the time.

well, its not like that, the cards are working fine, it's just 
that when I activate eth0, I can no longer find the outside world 
(internet), or when I reboot this machine with other machines on 
the network on also. I get it working just fine, and then reboot, 
and blammo- no internet. A route problem, no doubt. But I have a 
while until I have to get this working correctly, cause I 
re-ordered DSL, cause I ordered (wrongly, and unknowingly) the DSL 
winmodem. Anyone looking to get the Megabit services from QWest, 
get the external modem. 
It'll save you from having to wait an extra week, for them to flip 
a few switches here and there.....


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