[lug] Re: using junkbuster with Netscape

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Tue Oct 3 21:46:54 MDT 2000

>>>>> "matthew" == matthew w mcillece <matthew.w.mcillece at lmco.com> writes:

>> From: "Michael J. Pedersen" <marvin at keepthetouch.org> Silly
>> question, but needs to be asked: Did you alter junkbuster's default
>> port? Every time I've used it, it was on port 5865...

matthew> 5865?  I guess I can try that, but the junkbuster FAQ at
matthew> http://junkbuster.com/ijbfaq.html#address ("What is the proxy
matthew> address of the Internet Junkbuster?") says the default port
matthew> is 8000 and I didn't change it (perhaps KRUD does?):

nope. KRUD keeps it the default. 8000. 

it should be running there just fine after startup...


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