[lug] FTP server question

Whit Morrison wmorriso at csd.net
Wed Oct 4 17:39:44 MDT 2000

Thanks to everyone for their responses.  I did find a solution although it
may not be the correct or only one.   Using linuxconf I added a "guest
group" which ended up in the /etc/ftpaccess file.  Now there is a 3 to 4
second delay before getting the login prompt.


Whit Morrison wrote:

> I have a friend that is setting up RH 6.2.  Everything is going fine
> except when he tries to ftp into the linux box, the linux box identifies
> itself but does not give a login prompt.  He has reloaded many times
> trying to get it to work.  The interesting thing is, he was able to ftp
> in when he did the initial load on the system.  That was before he did a
> reload.  Since then it has not worked.

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