[lug] RFI Debian vs. Slackware

B O'Fallon bof at americanisp.net
Thu Oct 5 07:10:46 MDT 2000

OK. This post is NOT intended to start a flame-war.

Let that be repeated: this post is NOT intended to start a flame-war.

With that precaution out of the way <g>, I pose my question:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Debian over Slackware
and vice-versa?

I am getting of tired of bloated versions that install everything in
spite of being told not to (no names, but do the initials RH and SUSE
look familar), and I have been lead to believe that Debian and Slackware
are both tight, well constructed flavors of Linux. Slackware is
supposedly the most Unix-like as well as being incredibly stable, and at
a recent Boulder LUG meeting an informal show of hands placed the Debian
users at about 35%, including those whose contributions to the
discussion led me to believe that they were approaching "guru" status.
So Debian must be doing something right if a lot of the "big boys" are
using it..

So I thought I would post this question to see what the opinion of the
actual users is and then try the two myself.

Again, please, no flames.

And no RTFM, either. <g>


B. O'Fallon

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