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I swear I wrote my reply before I saw Wayde's. :-)


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On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Michael S. wrote:

> I am setting up a server, based on the book Securing and Optimizing Linux
> Edition, with Krud, and doing far more command line work than I have ever
> done.  I have misplaced some command line notes that I know had the
> ls -option for a screen at a time scroll.  I have not found it in the man
> page nor other documentation, so after several days of searching, and
> watching rpms and dev points scream by, I humbly ask:  Can someone post
> option?

As several others have already pointed out there isn't any such
option - at least not that I know of.  What you have run into though is
one of the things that makes Linux/Unix so powerful, namely file
redirects.  The "Unix Philosophy" is that it is better to make small
simple programs (tools) that do one thing well.  You then use file
redirects to combine these tools in combinations to do whatever you
need.  In this case, you would use the ls command to generate the listing
and combine it with a pager such as more.  The less pager is also a good
one and allows you to go both forward and backward through the results
(sometimes less is more <grin>).

You might want to check out the newbie articles located at
<http://lug.boulder.co.us/docs.html>.  In particular, check out

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