[lug] Anyone with Red Hat v 7.0?

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Oct 6 11:25:06 MDT 2000

Well, I wish I had a bunch of time to look into it.  I just read some
warnings from folks to use the 'kgcc' syntax to build kernels on RH 7.0
-- Sean's message sounded like he had a better idea what is actually

As a sysadmin with almost 40 machines to deal with, I was just
frustrated to see the RH guys making things more difficult.  If I hadn't
read that in a mailing list, I'd have been trying to work on a custom
kernel for the upgrades and probably very frustrated.

Did RH mention any of this anywhere?  (Release notes, etc?)  I haven't
had a chance to dig yet.

I guess maybe I'm over-reacting, but anything RH does to make my life
more difficult makes me want to switch to Debian more and more.  :) 
*Sorry, this isn't meant as Flamebait... I just like Debian's model and
methods better.*


"D. Stimits" wrote:
> Nate Duehr wrote:
> >
> > Sue,
> >
> > Don't upgrade a perfectly good 6.2 machine to 7.0 just yet if that's
> > your plan.  7.0 messed up a ton of things on my play server at work, and
> > I won't let it anywhere NEAR my production boxes for a long time to
> > come, it would appear...
> >
> > 6.9.5 (Pinstripe) was a heck of a lot better than 7.0 (Guinness)... I
> > think the release manager must have had a little too much of the sudsy
> > brown stuff before signing off on it.
> >
> > Errata should be coming soon, I suppose, but RedHat's mirrors are just
> > logjammed everywhere.  We got our ISO from Sweden, which is a no-no, I'm
> > sure... it was a faster download than any public RedHat mirror I could
> > find in the U.S.
> >
> > :)
> >
> > Does anyone know if RedHat does "push" mirroring to anyone like Debian
> > does to their top-tier mirrors with rsync?
> >
> > Anyone else notice that the default kernel on 7.0 seems to not support
> > FAT filesystems properly?  I didn't run into it myself, but a couple
> > different people have complained about it to me.  Not good for
> > installing on a dual-boot NT and RedHat system that has NT on FAT and
> > not NTFS.  (Try dd'ing the LILO bootloader files to the FAT partition to
> > be able to use the NT Bootloader!)
> >
> > Also, I've been having interesting console messages from the upgraded RH
> > 7.0 server at work.  Kernel messages about I/O errors to the floppy
> > drive when the floppy isn't mounted and hasn't been since boot.  And no,
> > no automount daemon...
> >
> > They just made some REALLY strange choices about what to support and not
> > to support in 7.0.
> >
> > Also, what's everyone else think about them dropping the Sparc version
> > of the distro?  I have a Sparc Ultra V with RH 6.2 on it that just lost
> > it's upgrade path.  Time to switch to Debian on that machine?  :)
> >
> > Other annoyances... the change of compiler stuff to require kgcc for
> > compiling kernels... there's more.  What a mess.
> >
> I currently use egcs 2.91.66, which works on kernels and many other
> things. What exactly is kgcc, and what might be broken or helped by it?
> D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com
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