[lug] RFI Debian vs. Slackware

llornkcor llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Fri Oct 6 20:26:57 MDT 2000

> BTW, there is a graphical equivalent of RPM under Gnome, called
> Gnome RPM. It will show icons for all packages installed on a
> system, and allow finding out info such as version, files, and
> file locations, as well as adding or removing them.

I just use mc (midnight commander)- ncurses version. It appears as 
a virtual file system. You get to see all those hidden, special 
files, just like any other file on the system. I don't know if you 
can delete a file in an rpm with it, I have never tried. You can 
even use it to manually install the package if you want, or need 
to. Best of all, it works without X.


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