[lug] defragging

Michael Wegener wegener at zulaware.com
Fri Oct 6 23:21:19 MDT 2000

Sounds serious... Getting the tape drive operational is one of my next
tasks. Is it as easy as I would hope? I'm assuming that I need to mount the
tape drive (even tho' /dev doesn't seem to have anything I'd be sure was
it) and then just dump tars to it. In fact, I don't even know how to
recreate the filesystem (let alone set the block size, since I don't need
to worry about lots of small files) w/o reinstalling the whole shebang from

"Jeffrey B. Siegal" wrote:

> It generally isn't needed; Linux does a pretty good job of keeping the
> file system naturally unfragmented.  But if you are radically
> reorganizing your file systems, you might as well backup the files,
> recreate you file systems and restore all the files.
> One thing that helps reduce fragmentation a little is to use a block
> size of 4096 rather than the default of 1024 when creating the file
> system. (Use the -b option on mke2fs.)  This will increase overhead for
> small files though.
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