[lug] Debian Stuff & Linux on iMac / Wireless Networking

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sat Oct 7 03:36:57 MDT 2000

Oh, I've been on the dark side for a long time, but I'm forced to use RH at
work because the original admin (who now only uses OpenBSD and thinks Linux
itself is evil because he's the Sr. Security Engineer now... GRIN) liked it
and the company can supposedly find RHCE's or someone with "Red Hat
Experience" on their resume'.

One of these days something so evil is going to happen during an upgrade
that I'll be able to convince someone to let me try installing some Debian
servers -- then I'll show someone a multi-site upgrade remotely when a
security patch comes out on security.debian.org, and they'll approve the
project to convert them all...


For those new to Debian, always make sure you add a line to
/etc/apt/sources.list for security.debian.org, and I almost always have at
least one machine with a line to add the "proposed-updates" section to the
mix also...

Michael, do you think the "proposed-updates" is a bad name for that stuff?
It's highly regulated as to what can be put in there, and it's 99.9% of the
time stable.  It sounds to similar to unstable, or like it should be a part
of unstable, if you ask me.  It should be called something like

So anyone on the BLUG list played much with Linux on PPC hardware?  I'm
having a hell of a time getting yaboot working on this iMac.  Ethan Benson
on the debian-powerpc list has been extremely helpful, but I hate to
monopolize the time of the gurus as Debian badly needs more PPC help.

Out of the other options, I think I'd go with Yellowdog -- the other two are
both RH based, but I've heard that PPC Linux does really funky things with
the boot process that no one else really thinks is necessary.

Speaking of *nix on Mac, OS X is pretty and stable and has a BSD kernel and
command-line tools, including SSH.

It's funky to sit down at Aqua (their new window manager) and open a command
prompt to ssh to one of my servers from my friend's iBook.

And Apple completely has wireless networking priced right and done right...
I have the Airport up and running with one iMac, and have the (100%
compatible) Lucent WaveLAN Gold card on the way for the laptop... AWESOME

The other guy at work had Linux up and going on his iBook with the WaveLAN
drivers working perfectly with his Airport card... he was downloading kernel
code while sipping a Coke poolside, four floors down from his apartment.  :)


on 10/6/00 1:04 PM, Michael J. Pedersen at marvin at keepthetouch.org wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 11:25:06AM -0600, Nate Duehr wrote:
>> *Sorry, this isn't meant as Flamebait... I just like Debian's model and
>> methods better.*
> Yes, come to the dark side, Nate. Together, we can overthrow the Empire! Don't
> make me Force you...
> Sorry, but resistance was futile :)

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