[lug] A bit confused

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sat Oct 7 03:47:52 MDT 2000

Why the limitation in Linux to two SCSI burners?  Is it something that could
eventually be remedied with kernel code?  Do you know from experience, or is
there a standard warning against doing it?  (I'm betting experience here...)

I've been wondering about the Phillips 12X IDE burners (can you tell I'm
impatient and have big bandwidth at work?)... ever used any that run that
fast under Linux?  I've heard that they really burn at around 10x, but

We have a Yamaha 8x IDE in one of the Linux machines at work and that thing
just flat out smokes.  Very nice indeed.  Then I come home and have either
the 1x (!!!) burner that's very old in the Linux machine or the USB 4x
burner that can be used on Win/Mac... but not quite there yet on Linux.
Another few months...?

I finally put up an internal machine with big disks at work for ISO image
mirroring.  Too many people were downloading these silly things and then
bringing them to my cubicle-mate's desk where that 8x burner lives and
having to move them onto his machine and then burn them... now they can just
give a ring on the phone and say, "Hey, burn that RH/Debian/Mandrake/FreeBSD
ISO for me would you?  I want to install it at home this weekend.

And I LOVE burning copes of any of the above for anyone... Free software,
baby, yeah... as Austin would say.  :)

I also just LOVE the crazed look a few people have now who've started
saying, "I really need to learn this Unix stuff!".  And on the flip-side I'm
certainly trying to help them do so.


on 10/6/00 11:41 AM, Sean Reifschneider at jafo at tummy.com wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 11:14:11AM -0600, Nate Duehr wrote:
>> I've just had better experiences with SCSI long-term than IDE.  Almost
>> all of my machines are IDE, so I don't know why I'm ranting about SCSI
>> though.
> So we're right in the middle of burning KRUD for the month, and it's become
> apparent that the SCSI burners (Panasonic) have been totally screwing up
> discs (we have almost 50 bad discs this month, usually it's more like 5).
> So for the moment we're back to burning with just the IDE.
> It's very unfortunate that the Linux SCSI sub-system has problems burning
> to more than two drives per machine, it's a scramble every month to get
> a bunch of boxes to make up our burn cluster for a few days.  I'm
> unwilling to move to FreeBSD or Solaris to do the burning of our Linux
> distribution though.  ;-)
>> What IDE burners do you like the best these days?
> I've been very happy with the Mitsumi 4x re-writers.  Probably a few thousand
> discs through each of 4 of them, and only one has given any problems.  The
> model number is CR-4802TE.  Although it looks like they are in short
> supply, the only place I see them is wanting $170 for them (almost twice
> what I paid for them).  Rob has had good luck with some model of the
> Teac drive he got at some random chain computer place.
> Sean

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