[lug] defragging

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sat Oct 7 03:54:12 MDT 2000

For backups, I think Arkeia is quite a bit more user-friendly than BRU if
you're looking at small-business/medium-enterprise stuff for Linux.  They'll
also back up a couple other OS's, and I had no trouble building groups of
tapes/tape drives/and backup schedules with the demo version.

We had a mandate from upper-management to use HP OmniBack if possible, so I
stopped evaluating right after I started, but I liked what I saw.

Earlier last year I also was evaluating BRU, and didn't like it a whole lot,
although its mostly command-line interface would suit well to scripting.

www.arkeia.com -- for more info on Arkeia.

on 10/7/00 12:40 AM, Hugh Brown at hugh at math.byu.edu wrote:

> It will depend on the tape drive.  You might look into bru as a backup
> solution, but tar is certainly cheaper.  On one system we have the tape
> drive is /dev/st0 and /dev/nst0 (rewinding and non-rewinding).  It may
> also be /dev/rmt*
> I don't think you do mount the tape drive.  I believe you just write to
> the appropriate device
> file.
> recreating the filesystem is done by using mke2fs (so man mke2fs is your
> friend).
> HTH,
> Hugh
> Michael Wegener wrote:
>> Sounds serious... Getting the tape drive operational is one of my next
>> tasks. Is it as easy as I would hope? I'm assuming that I need to mount the
>> tape drive (even tho' /dev doesn't seem to have anything I'd be sure was
>> it) and then just dump tars to it. In fact, I don't even know how to
>> recreate the filesystem (let alone set the block size, since I don't need
>> to worry about lots of small files) w/o reinstalling the whole shebang from
>> CD.
>> "Jeffrey B. Siegal" wrote:
>>> It generally isn't needed; Linux does a pretty good job of keeping the
>>> file system naturally unfragmented.  But if you are radically
>>> reorganizing your file systems, you might as well backup the files,
>>> recreate you file systems and restore all the files.
>>> One thing that helps reduce fragmentation a little is to use a block
>>> size of 4096 rather than the default of 1024 when creating the file
>>> system. (Use the -b option on mke2fs.)  This will increase overhead for
>>> small files though.
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