[lug] buying computers

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sat Oct 7 04:06:59 MDT 2000

Not sure how heavy their parts dept is for building from complete scratch,
but I'm finding myself at Micro Center (I-225 and Tamarac, go West a block
on the South side at the first light) quite a bit these days.

Relatively large *Linux* software section, including some very new stuff
(Loki games, Codewarrior for RedHat, etc.) and some dusty moldy stuff that
they haven't rotated off the shelves yet.  Sometimes they have both an old
and a new copy of some things, kinda odd.  Like they don't know what some of
it is, so they just hope it'll magically sell to someone.

I buy other stuff there too, I want to support a local vendor that carries
lots of Linux stuff ON THE SHELF.  That's wonderful.


on 10/6/00 4:36 PM, Hugh Brown at hugh at math.byu.edu wrote:

> Where do people go around here to buy the components for making a
> computer?
> Hugh
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