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Subject: Re: [lug] linux network
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>>>>> "llornkcor" == llornkcor  <llornkcor at llornkcor.com> writes:


llornkcor> should I not be specify as default gateway?

correct. Your ppp device should be the only default gateway...

llornkcor> eth0 netmask is set to using netcfg, but here
llornkcor> it shows up as and (the
llornkcor> network) is

llornkcor> I am utterly confused at this point.

everything looks right except for the eth0 device setting itself as
default gateway. It was probibly working before because the first
default gateway is the one that it will use, and you likely had your
ethernet device up first and then your ppp device (overriding the eth0
default gateway). 

Just remove the default gw from eth0 and it should be happy. 

llornkcor> LP

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