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Warren Sanders sanders at b-squared.net
Sat Oct 7 11:57:47 MDT 2000

I didn't respond to that thread but I have been using a known adware program called
PenguNet.  I have not purchased yet but think it's worth a  try.  It does mc in color and
the function keys work as well.  But be advised it is a known adware/spyware program.

> A while back, there was a thread on secure shell under Windows. At the time, I
> recommended Tera Term SSH. Now, I have to back off from that recommendation.
> A short review of the various ssh clients for Windows (and not a complete one
> either):
> PuTTY: Even though it's open source, I don't have the time to fix what I need
> from it. I insist on using my rsa keys to log in, no password. PuTTY doesn't
> have this feature. Had to let it go.
> MindTerm: Cool program. Glad to see it. Slower than a california driver in the
> snow. Unusable for me. Had to let it go.
> TeraTermSSH: Great program, easy to configure. Also breaks when I do remote
> logins to work. I don't see any output from my local linux boxen after the
> first time I login to work, forcing me to reinstall it each time. Had to let
> it go.
> SecureCRT: Who on here pointed this program out? Now I've got to go spend $99
> and get the damn thing. Whydja do that to me? :)
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