[lug] linux network

llornkcor llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Sat Oct 7 12:30:33 MDT 2000

> llornkcor> I am utterly confused at this point.
> everything looks right except for the eth0 device setting itself
> as default gateway. It was probibly working before because the
> first default gateway is the one that it will use, and you
> likely had your ethernet device up first and then your ppp
> device (overriding the eth0 default gateway).
> Just remove the default gw from eth0 and it should be happy.

Ahh, I found where my confusion was... linuxconf apparently was in 
control of the default gateway, and setting it with netcfg ( and 
restarting networking, etc.) didn't matter a hill of beans to it 
for some reason. I take it netcfg and linuxconf use different 
config files? Anybody know which file(s) linuxconf uses for 
networking stuff?  Or am I (again) way off base? I'd rather use an 
editor, so I know what is really happening there.


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