[lug] backup error

Deva Samartha YTAFTDJAHCWS at spammotel.com
Sat Oct 7 16:53:54 MDT 2000

It should show you somewhere in the stderr output, what the
error was.

When I get this error it is most of the time a file which has changed
it's size while being backed up - or a "busy" file, like the
Windows swap file ( on a smb file system).

It can be of  concern since the backup was done with an

save the stderr output to a file and look thru there.

tar cvf /dve/ht0 . 1> /tmp/tar1.log 2> /tmp/tar2.log &
tail -f  /tmp/tar2.log


To: lug at lug.boulder.co.us Subject: **Fwd: [lug] backup error
>This one is new to me. Anything I need to worry about?
>root> tar cvf /dev/ht0 .
>and it scrolls through the files/directories as it writes to tape. At
>the very end:
>tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

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