q:slackware pkg dependencies, was Re: [lug] RFI Debian vs. Slackware

Chan Kar Heng khchan at cyberdude.com
Sun Oct 8 13:04:44 MDT 2000


the topic brought up a curious question..
one of the problems i frequently stumbled on while
using slackware was to do with dependencies of

setting up things manually is actually an okay
thing for people with lots of time to experiment.

more often than not, packages installed mercilessly
core dump or behave strangely when some dependencies
are not satisfied. (of course, this was the first
distro of linux i got exposed to).

with other distro, there's at least some form of
warning... but with redhat, i suppose i really need
to know what i have and don't have in my system too?

i don't suffer from stress... i'm a carrier.

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