[lug] Re: [lug]SecureCRT

bill ehlert bill_ehlert at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 14:33:07 MDT 2000

**  ok!  spyware - "any software which uses
    somebody's internet connection without
    that somebody's informed consent".

    eg, to "compile demographic data",
    or figure out who would be desireable
    targets for promotional spam.

    and would the resulting promotional
    spam be the "adware"?

            thanks for the info . . .

--- Warren Sanders <sanders at b-squared.net> wrote:
> To best answer the question see:
> http://grc.com/optout.htm
> This is for shareware-like programs.
> -- 
> Warren Sanders (I'm my kid's Dad)
> Ãdea's photo album: http://adea.b-squared.net
> >**  excuse me, what is an "adware/spyware"
> >    program?

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