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Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Sun Oct 8 23:51:20 MDT 2000

Yeah, I had a similar problem. A coworker and I found a Windows NT box and
set it up to broadcast the IP address whenever it changed through some dorky
little macros that went into the Control Panel, found the printer, copied
the IP address, and sent it out in an email if changed.

Kind of messy, but it was easier than actually having to find a Windows box
and grab the IP off it.

On Sun, Oct 08, 2000 at 10:39:20PM -0600, Keith wrote:
> Howdy!  I was wondering if anyone knows how to configure an HP laserjet
> 1100 connected to a jetdirect 170x?  The 170x is using dhcp, and there
> is *no* chance of getting a static IP.  I looked at the various HOWTO's,
> but they all seem to indicate an IP address/name is necessary to talk to
> the printer.  Since the IP address occasionally changes, I was wondering
> if there was a way to use the 170x's hardware address?
> Thanks,
> Keith
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Ken Kinder

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