[lug] X-Windows under M$ Windows?

Tim Fredrick fredrick at acd.ucar.edu
Mon Oct 16 06:03:47 MDT 2000

For X-Windows under MS Windows, I've had experience with two
packages -- one is WebTermX which is an X-Windows plugin for
Netscape.  It's cool in that you can configure a web page
so that the end-user doesn't have to do anything except install
the plugin and then go to that web page.  I believe you can
purchase it at http://www.powerlan-usa.com.

It, like eXceed, though is expensive (IMHO) and if you just want
simple X-Windows emulation without too many bells and whistles (but
still better than MiX which I believe is unusable for most work)
I've had good luck with XManager -- available for about $75 from

I've used both products with Windows 2000.

I'd be curious to know if anyone has gotten some sort of
Cygwin+XFree86 combo to work.

Hope that helps!  --Tim (fredrick at acd.ucar.edu)
                    NCAR/ACD Computer Systems Administration

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