[lug] Netscape button bars

Gary Hodges gary.hodges at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 16 10:20:15 MDT 2000

I'm sure there are correct terms for I'm about to try and describe...

I'm running Netscape 4.75, and am referring to the email and newsgroup
window.  To the left of the button and address bars there is a skinny
vertical "button" that minimizes the bar it is associated with.  When the
entire bar is minimized, the main page then increases in size to fill in the
space created by minimizing the button bar.  My problem is that once
minimized, I can't get the button bar back.  I've been dealing with this for
several weeks, and I suppose a few minutes ago it finally annoyed me enough
to post about.  I'm currently running Red Hat 6.2  With v6.0 and an older
version of Netscape, the same thing would happen, but I could get them back
by shutting down Netscape and restarting.  This seems to be an obvious bug
since this feature works fine under Win9x.  While the bar is minimized, I can
see just the very top edge of that vertical button I mentioned earlier.  I'm
pretty sure I am maximizing the bar, but it just never comes back even after
shutting down and restarting.


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