[lug] Netscape button bars

Gary Hodges gary.hodges at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 16 14:47:08 MDT 2000

Well, I just mucked around with it a lot, and finally managed to get the button
bars back.  I'm not sure exactly how I got them, but it went something like
this...  Click like hell over and over on that one or two pixel patch that seems
to be the minimize thingy.  When at some point you magically get the two vertical
bars to appear horizontally (meaning things are minimized), click the left
(longer) one.  Then close down the window, restart, and the button bar is back.


Kyle Moore wrote:

> Same thing happens to me with Red Hat 6.2 and Netscape 4.72. I noticed
> this originally after install when I try to get rid of some of the crap
> they put on the default window. It isn't an issue for me since I want
> those setting forever and it stays that way after I restart Netscape.
> Looks like it might be a bug to me.

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