[lug] Kernel & glibc + other upgrades

Justin glowecon at netscape.net
Tue Oct 17 11:59:50 MDT 2000

I am getting ready to do a big hardware and software upgrade to my main
server. I am most concerned with the software issues as I don't want to break
anything in the process of the upgrade. I'm running Redhat 6.1 w/ kernel
2.2.15 built from source. I want to upgrade my kernel to 2.2.17 among other
things. I noticed on the redhat site that it was recommended to upgrade to the
latest glibc as well. I have the rpm's of the older glibc on my box now. When
I tried to do the rpm upgrade of the glibc a while back I got kernel
dependency errors. It was wanting the kernel rpm's but since my kernel was
built from source they obviously were not found. I didn't go through w/ the
glibc upgrade at that point to avoid screwing anything up. How would I go
about upgrading my glibc and kernel without breaking any depencies? Can I
install an rpm kernel source package then compile my own kernel? On a similiar
note, how would I upgrade my apache webserver if it was built w/ php, ssl, etc
support initially? Can I just backup my config files and /home/httpd directory
and compile/install the new apache, then restore all my configs? I have this
same dilemma with all my software packages when upgrading, things like php,
openssl, ldap, apache, webmail, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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