[lug] xscanimage broken in KRUD 2000-07-04?

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Tue Oct 17 12:29:22 MDT 2000

Is there any reason why xscanimage (from the SANE package) wouldn't work in
KRUD (ie RH 6.2)?  I haven't tried my scanner since I moved to Houston
because I couldn't find my power adapter.  Once I found it, I went back and
tried xscanimage via Gimp and it bombed.  I tried it manually and it
started (more than it did with Gimp) but then locked up.  I've tried
recompiling both Gimp and SANE, using different versions of each, but to no
avail.  Is there some reason the SANE drivers wouldn't work with this
version of RH?  I don't think I've tried it since I upgraded to RH 6.2
(from 5.2) right before moving to Houston.

I'm running out of ideas on why this device won't work.  My tape drive on
the same SCSI cable seems to work ok.  All connections seem secure.  The
device is seen by the driver (via the /var/log/messages file).  

Any ideas?
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