[lug] fox toolkit?

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Tue Oct 17 13:05:49 MDT 2000

My favorite site to dig up info on ui toolkits is
Recently, I've played with fltk and SDL_gui.  I like fltk, SDL_gui not
as much but it does allow me to do widgets blended nicely over an OpenGL
window.  SDL, itself, is also very nice. ( I don't see a link to the
SDL_gui page so check the libraries link at loki.com.  I'm working on a
XUL-like interface for an SDL_gui clone; hopefully to be released soon. 
Gotta love that name, "XUL", but I cringe whenever I consider looking at
Mozilla code again. )

Chan Kar Heng wrote:
> hi
> would love to get some opinion about various toolkits
> around...
> fox toolkit has been around quite a bit but i havn't
> heard much mentioned about it. just wondering if any
> users here have something good/bad to mention about
> it?
> just out of curiousity, does anyone else in the list
> think gtk is a tad bit slow compared to qt, athena,
> etc? i've tried programming with gtk (linux and win
> port) and some of the surface works seem to give that
> idea.. (esp the way event hookups are done).
> i had thought gnome was slow largely due to use
> of corba.. wonder if gtk made a difference there..
> love gtk for it's availability though. 8)

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