[lug] att at home cable service

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Tue Oct 17 23:34:17 MDT 2000

"Timothy C. Klein" wrote:
> serious thought.  Cable is faster on the spec sheet, but I don't know if that is
> the reality in practice.  I'm sure some of the time it is faster.

Well ... if you'd like a couple of data points ...

Last week I downloaded an iso image (over 600 megs) from Red Hat via my
parents' cable modem (AT&T @Home in Lakewood).  The average transfer rate was
280 KBps (yep, that's kiloBYTES).

Then the "respin" iso images came out, so I downloaded both at the same time. 
THAT time the average throughput was 390 KBps.

So if you're looking primarily for faster download speeds, I'd tend to
recommend cable.
FWIW, we use IP masquerading on a Linux box for the firewall, and AT&T can't
see anything on the local network. So it doesn't matter if we have two Windows
machines using the Linux box for routing (the usual setup here), or if I add
another machine or two (I'm setting up a Linux box for a friend, so I just
plugged it into the hub to do some quick Perl CPAN installs).


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