[lug] Passing member functions around

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Wed Oct 18 07:39:00 MDT 2000

I realize there are probably better forums for this, but I know a
number of people on the BLUG use C++ on a regular basis, and I hope
someone can help me out.

The question: what's the syntax for passing a member function to
another member function?  My project is vaguely like the example
below, but has about half a dozen functions that will need to be
passed to the iterator from about twelve others, and it's all
implemented over a linked list, so the iterator is actually useful in
my real program.

Compilation breaks on the call to iterator() in do_body() because I
can't figure out the syntax for sending body() to iterator().


Chris Riddoch
socket at peakpeak.com

#include <iostream>

int times=20;

class thing {
  int body(int number)
  { cout << number << endl; return 0; }

  void iterator(int times, int (*inner)(int number))
    for (int i = 0; i < times; i++)

  void do_body()
    iterator(10, body); // How do I pass 'body' to iterator?


int main()
  thing a;

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