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Atkinson, Chip CAtkinson at Circadence.com
Wed Oct 18 09:58:20 MDT 2000

There are a lot of kinds of software available.  I like EST's BRU, just
because I've used it in the past and continue to do so.  One thing to
consider about tape drives is media cost.  Like ink-jet printers, the
initial low investment is offset by the high cost of supplies.  DAT drives
are more expensive than the Travan drives, but when I was looking at them,
the $40 cost per cartrige of Travan tapes, combined with the fact that they
are pre-formatted, meaning that if you degauss them, you're hosed, made me
go with DAT.  

Linux Journal had an evaluation of different backup software packages in it.
It was within the past 4 months, so it's probably pretty current.


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> Can anyone recommend a tape drive that is linux compatible? 
> I'm looking for
> something rather small and inexpensive, I only need to backup 
> around ~700 megs
> of data. I've been looking at some drives on the internet and 
> they all seem to
> be fairly expensive ($250+). Also, what kind of backup 
> software is out there
> for linux? Thanks for any help.
> Justin
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