Linksys was: Re: [lug] linux, my observations

Scott A. Herod herod at
Wed Oct 18 12:26:32 MDT 2000

You were able to get a Linksys card to work?!?  Which driver are you 
using?  I've got tulip 0.91 ( from RedHat 6.2, kernel 2.2.16 ) and
have never been able to get a Linksys card to work.  I've tried both
Fast Ethernet 10/100 Model NC100 ver. 2 and EtherFast 10/100 Model
LNE100TX ver. 4.0 ( which btw. says it has been linux tested ).  Has the
driver changed to support these?



llornkcor wrote:
> Setting up linux was fairly usual, except that the NIC drivers
> were in source form, located on the manufacturers disk!! (yeah
> Intel, yeah Linksys). Unusual, because I am used to having to
> scrounge the web, looking to see if someone, somewhere, maybe has
> written a driver thats similiar enough that it might just work.
> Compiled the drivers, set them up, no real problems at all.
> budda-bing, budda-boong...

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