Linksys was: Re: [lug] linux, my observations

ljp ljp at
Wed Oct 18 12:57:14 MDT 2000

> You were able to get a Linksys card to work?!?  Which driver are you
> using?  I've got tulip 0.91 ( from RedHat 6.2, kernel 2.2.16 ) and
> have never been able to get a Linksys card to work.  I've tried both
> Fast Ethernet 10/100 Model NC100 ver. 2 and EtherFast 10/100 Model
> LNE100TX ver. 4.0 ( which btw. says it has been linux tested ).  Has the
> tulip
> driver changed to support these?
> Thanks,
> Scott


Yep, I have LNE100TX ver. 4.0(I think)  working . I can send the binaries to
you if you want.  I am not at that machine, but I can send them to you
tonight, or if/when I go home for lunch. There are some entries to make in
/etc/modules.conf or something like that. I can't remember if I overwrote
the tulip.c driver included with the kernel, with the linksys one, or just
used the binary as a module. I tried both. I am pretty sure that its the
module that is working. I tried compiling the 'netdrivers' version
seperately, but didn't work, even the source that came with the card- no
luck.  I have the linksys NIC working in two machines. 2.2.17.  Red Hat
based. I tried so many things to get it to work, I really don't know the
exact steps to take to get it working, but if you need help, don't
I can also send some html files that were of assistance.

Still haven't gotten the pcmcia version of the Linksys Cardbus to get
recognized (well, actually, I HAD it recognized, but still didn't  work,
changed some things, and then it wasn't even recognized.. oh well.

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