[lug] xscanimage broken in KRUD 2000-07-04?

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed Oct 18 13:12:45 MDT 2000

Thus spoke Kevin Fenzi
> Michael> Any ideas? 
> well, you can try and figure out where it's locking up...
> try doing  an:
> strace xscanimage

I didn't do this at first because running it manually seemed to get it up
and running while running under Gimp made it lock up immediately.  As it
turns out, running manually also locks up eventually.  

So now all I need is a little time to go back and try strace on the
standalone version on that machine.  Anyone got a couple hours I can add to
my 24 hour clock?  :-)

> You could get the sane src.rpm from redhat 7 and recompile that and
> see if it has any better luck. 

I've got the latest source from the web site which should be useful enough
to run strace on.  I think one problem is an incompatibility with the
latest Gimp versions (some header changes), but the run time problems are
not Gimp related.  I'll have to fiddle with it (and track down the author -
there is no bug reporting mechanism on their web site).

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