[lug] xscanimage broken in KRUD 2000-07-04?

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Wed Oct 18 13:37:36 MDT 2000

"Michael J. Hammel" wrote:
> Thus spoke Kevin Fenzi
> > Michael> Any ideas?
> >
> > well, you can try and figure out where it's locking up...
> > try doing  an:
> >
> > strace xscanimage
> I didn't do this at first because running it manually seemed to get it up
> and running while running under Gimp made it lock up immediately.  As it
> turns out, running manually also locks up eventually.
> So now all I need is a little time to go back and try strace on the
> standalone version on that machine.  Anyone got a couple hours I can add to
> my 24 hour clock?  :-)
> > You could get the sane src.rpm from redhat 7 and recompile that and
> > see if it has any better luck.
> I've got the latest source from the web site which should be useful enough
> to run strace on.  I think one problem is an incompatibility with the
> latest Gimp versions (some header changes), but the run time problems are
> not Gimp related.  I'll have to fiddle with it (and track down the author -
> there is no bug reporting mechanism on their web site).

You might want to run ldd on the app, and compare what it wants with
ldconfig -p. I find a lot of bad lib matches this way.

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