[co-sage] Re: [lug] Unix / NT Authentication?

dworkin at village.org dworkin at village.org
Wed Oct 18 09:58:18 MDT 2000

Nate Duehr <nate at natetech.com> wrote:
:  outages.  Perhaps a re-think of some of the scope of this is needed and some
:  docs written to show pros/cons of linking all the systems FIRST before
:  designing a way to do it.  Which systems blow up customers?  Which systems
:  just tick us off, but customers are unaffected?  I *must* think harder about
:  big picture before doing anything rash.

More problems can be solved that way than by any amount of late
night crisis management.  Don't forget to work out contingency plans
for if something *does* blow up in your face.  Murphy seems to get
scared off by people who do that....


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