[lug] Invisible files

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Wed Oct 18 17:15:40 MDT 2000

What does the link line look like that make prints out?  It appears that
ld can't find libwtc8.so.  According to the ld man page, you may be
able to get it to work by defining

setenv LD_RUN_PATH <where ever libwtc8.so lives >


export LD_RUN_PATH=<where ever libwtc8.so lives >

At link time though, you should use -L<path to library> -lwtc8 to 
set the path.  --rpath is intended for something else.

UNIX has no invisible files ( '.' files which aren't really invisible ).

Michael Wegener wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been trying to compile ObjectManager2 for a while now, and have
> gotten stuck on one nettlesome problem: 'make' can't seem to find a
> certain file that is in the same directory of other files it sees and
> uses, and its looking in that particular directory. The message I get
> is:
> /usr/bin/ld: warning: libwtc8.so needed by
> /u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.6/lib/libclntsh.so not found (try using
> --rpath)
> 'locate' does find the file... What command uses --rpath? What could be
> causing this problem? Is there a special "invisible" file flag that
> linux uses? BTW, the distro is RH6.2
> --M
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